Wolken über einer bergigen Wiesenlandschaft mit Schafen

Vallée de l’Orkhon © Ponchy – Fotolia

What is really happening when People overcome self-boycott and stand up for their true self?

Are we able to change seemingly fixed patterns of experience and behavior deeply rooted in our inner appraisal system?

How are maturely loving couples capable of manifesting emotional and erotic intimacy in a mutually satisfying way?

What is going on in finally succesful negotiations between hostile individuals, organizations and whole nations?

Will mankind be able to let go self-destruction by seeking ultra short-term tension relief?

All these everyday miracles are EXISTENTIAL INTELLIGENCE at work. They are outward signs of a complex mental dynamic, that enables our organism to be more than the sum of its parts as a basis for all kinds of creavity, intimacy and true satisfaction.

Everyone of us knows EXISTENTIAL INTELLIGENCE in one way or another but most of the time we are too distracted to actually apply it to our everyday life.

It’s a dynamic state of blissful sobriety, a mental process in which ideas supposed to be contradictory are to be integrated to form a perfectely new whole, more ressourceful than ever before.

BLUE SKY INTELLIGENCE as a brand was created to inspire, nurture and sustainably cultivate this kind of mental activity to make the wonders listed above happen as often as possible in the world and in our very lives.